How many times have you heard someone say, “Well, my momma never told me that!” I dedicate this to my daughers Alexi & Ainsley, so you’ll always have those annoying “life lessons” online.

I’m known for randomly throwing out “life lessons” while driving in the car and sending them sermons on Youtube, hoping it will sink in. I’m sure most of you moms/dads do the same…just trying to teach them experiences you’ve been through and what you learned. I want my children to dream big, plan that dream, step in faith and spread their wings to fly!! Ofcoarse in all they do….do it for the glory of God!!

As a mother, I want my girls to lean on the Lord and know how to get back up when they fall…because they will. My biggest mission is to give them a Christ centered foundation. I pray they will be warriors and know how to battle the attacks of the world as we do not live in this world, but are citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven!! I pray the Holy Spirit continues to overflow in them to others around them. We have to be bold and step out to show others the love of God…He is so good!!! It’s time to rise up and that begins on our knees!!